How do you take your coffee ??

How do you take your coffee ??

Unpopular option:
Forget strength indicators on the bags in your local shop - they don’t relate to the strength or caffeine content .. they relate to how dark the coffee is roasted. And typically because it’s cheap coffee all the wonderful flavors just don’t exist.

Have you seen a flavor wheel before? Coffee can have complex flavor notes when sourced from expert growers and roasted properly. So we have developed our custom flavor wheel for the coffees we source and roast and how they typically line up their flavors. It’s a guide. It’s a tool to help you choose initially a rich coffee, medium, or light in intensity .. and then the typical broad flavor notes we find in these coffees. Chocolate, nuts, sweetness, fruit, acidity.

Once you find an origin you like, you can read further flavor notes on the bags to discover what type of chocolate notes (eg milk, dark, cacao) or fruit notes (eg strawberry, blueberry, raisin) a specific coffee presents.

Enjoy ! 🙂

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